Yesterday’s Intranet Sites Replaced with Today’s Best Office 365 Digital Workspace.

November 3rd, 2018

SharePoint is one of the most recommended platforms when it comes to developing Intranet sites for organizational communication purpose. Customized Intranet has been in the spotlight for many years, be it for team communications, meeting scheduler, announcements or any other inter-communication requirements.


On the other hand, where custom Intranet sites were winning the ground with their strong document and content management areas, the introduction of Digital workspace under the umbrella of Office 365’s application suite consisting of various features such as smooth communication process, seamless file sharing and storage system, and building relations with communities has made a revolutionary change of bringing an element of productivity among the employees at workplace.


The aim behind creating a Digital workspace was to maintain the cohesiveness of Intranet sites which was meant to hold a strong grip over content/document management. Office 365 brings the bonanza of many features and apps that put you on the lead of emerging technologies that will help you work and connect continually with the future trends too.
Let’s get together into the discussion to learn more about the practical journey of SharePoint from Intranet to Office 365 Digital Workspace.


Redefining the Intranet Site Experience with SharePoint


Intranet being used for publishing sites, communication, custom-built platforms, and many out-of-the-box solutions increased the scope of SharePoint to enhance the corporate communications at its best.


Check out this comparison chart displaying the Intranet solutions and its Pros and Cons.

Intranet Sites

Well, the above chart clearly shows that publishing a site using Intranet can be a low-cost solution, easy-to-implement and might get dull on user engagement and adoption. The use of Intranet during building SharePoint communication sites makes the process interactive and easy from editing perspective with reasonable cost but suffer from limited features which exclude- publishing flows, scheduling options and multilingual support.



The custom-built SharePoint Intranet platform’s approach to handling complex networks of larger organizations maturely has been one of the most useful factors of it. Despite some industry-specific aspects, the cost and risk of adoption and inefficiency have been encountered.



The Intranet-in-a-box solutions have been well-known for its vastness of packages available to build top-notch intranet sites to enhance the employee experiences at organization.


Swapping the Customized Intranet Sites with Office 365 Digital Workspace



To wow users with a flexible experience for their corporate communication requirements Office 365 was introduced in the picture. Microsoft SharePoint has raised the bar of communication at workplace through its set of multiple applications customized to fulfill your demands of team communication, document management, sheet management, keeping important notes, and much more.



The use of each application collectively for one purpose or the other has brought forth the most convenient, Office 365 Digital Workspace. Digital Workspace probably makes your task easier which was otherwise like finding a needle in the haystack by customizing each Intranet module for various requirements.



From small to larger businesses, from desktop to web and various devices Office 365 tools has got your back to help you complete your work without any flaws. The ready-to-use applications are trusted by many users and used for various purposes at organizations.


Here are some Office 365 products easing various tasks at workplaces. Let’s have a quick look at these products.




What can be a better way to communicate with team members with Office 365! You can effectively communicate through chat, upon meetings and calls. Team will make the teamwork easier than ever through its integration with Office 365’s applications.




Exchange will help you by collaborating your important documents to a focused inbox where your emails are prioritized according to your messages and chats with particular person. Search enhancements, interactive view, and customization to connect you with modern line of business applications are some added delights of Office 365’s Exchange.




Organize your teamwork with the help of Planner and remove the chaos you face due to any type of miscommunication within the team members. Create any plan, build a team, and assign/update tasks in the most hassle-free way.



Skype for Business:


Skype has been the heart of communication at workplace. With Skype for business application, you can fix online meetings, communicate across devices, phone calls and above all, an end-to-end security check will enhance the way you communicate with your colleagues at organization.





Now get the most with the Office 365 for your SharePoint. Share, manage and empower the teamwork seamlessly at organization. Build cohesion and make your employees stay informed throughout your intranet. Transform your business process and accelerate productivity and simplify complex operational workflows by connecting to the rich digital experience with Office 356.





“Share your files from anywhere”. Being in the modern age the demand for an accessible approach has been in demand. Now, with One-Drive you can share files from anywhere as now your files will be stored securely in the cloud system. You can also integrate it with various tools of Office 365 at the same time.





Office 365’s Yammer will help you build strong and transparent relations with the respective communities. With the help of this platform, you can share/gain insights of dynamic world at your organization. Improvised engagement with everyone across the organization and building communities of interest to bring people together to share ideas and interests. The security feature of Yammer is cherry on the cake as you can avail advanced security to protect your network’s data.



With Office 365 Digital Workspace Application Suite, you can forget the hassles of managing the user interface for all device due to its responsive support. Office 365’s(O365) set of applications has all of it when it comes to fulfilling various corporate communication requirements without worrying about the device responsiveness, code and customization.



You can install it on your PCs/Macs and other mobile devices with the integration of one drive storage per user. Once subscribed you can make the most from the services that come along your way with the site.



Crowning this discussion, when we compare the customized Intranet Sites with the Office 365 application suite of SharePoint, the suite seems winning the corporate requirements seizing the throne of Intranet Sites by Office 365 Digital Workspace. But, again looking forward to the indivisible features of content and document management, Intranet sites holds equal significance for your businesses. 


Aktiv Software will help you mold a Digital Workspace at your organization which otherwise was like finding a needle in the haystack for you. Let us manage the efficiency and productivity for your workspace. Feel free to contact us we will be happy to serve you with best of our efforts.