Unleash your Growth Potential through Aktiv’s Odoo Apps.

September 19th, 2018

Odoo, following the phrase- “Expand as you grow” has set up an all-in-one management platform for Odoo developers as well as users where they can develop/avail customized modules that affiliates their requirements.



Whatever might be your requisites, you can get it fulfilled from over 16000+ modules available on Odoo Apps. Covering all of your ERP needs customized Odoo modules are perfectly integrated allowing you to automate your business processes.



The open source model of Odoo has provided the developers a platform to build custom application for their partner businesses. Aktiv being an Odoo custom development organization has made a prominent spot on this top-notch platform. Be it modules for boosting your sale performance, enhancing project timesheets, streamlining inventory operations, managing invoice, POS or HR apps Aktiv Software has got the master key for all customizations.



Currently, we have over 40+ modules on Odoo Apps. But, highlighting some of our phenomenal app modules that have done really well for many Odoo users.



Say No to Painful Integrations with Aktiv’s customized Odoo Apps!



Well, as mentioned above Aktiv has customized many features of Odoo in order to provide extra-added facilities with inbuilt functionalities.



So, let’s start off with some of our modules customized for enhancing the functionality of inbuilt Odoo features various sectors such as Sales, POS, etc. More or less they can be used in common by all sectors.



Sign Up with Mobile Number



The “Sign Up with Mobile Number” module allows user to sign up with their mobile number other than email id.Default Odoo module provided the facility of Sign Up through email id to any new user. Moreover, he/she can log in using email id only. But if user wants to sign up/login with mobile number then with Odoo’s default module they will not get access to this feature.



As a solution to this, we customized Odoo’s default module and added an optional mobile number field for users wanting to sign up with their mobile number.



Dynamic PDF Report



The primary purpose of this app module is to allow users to provide a dynamic name to their PDF report for the selected model. Be it for pay slip, sales order, purchase order or any other model category you can always provide a dynamic name to those models’ report through “Dynamic PDF Report” module customized by Aktiv Software.



Apart from the Dynamic PDF Report module, we have customized other modules for providing flexibility with report facility of Odoo.



Reports with Watermark



Reports with Watermark is one of our modules which provides the facility to add watermark to all reports in Odoo. Moreover, this module comes with various customizations when user enables the option of adding watermark:


1. You can add Company’s logo as Watermark.

2. You can also add a background image as Watermark.

3. You can input text as watermark and customize its color, size, and angle.



POS Guest Selection



Looking forward to easing the guest selection process for restaurants we decided to build a module, POS Guest Module which limits the addition of guests for specific table.



The default Point of Sale module of Odoo doesn’t provide any limitation for table capacity and hence user can add as many guests for particular table. Due to this one table can be crowded with many guests if the POS user is not aware of the availability of seats per table. Aktiv found a solution to this and customized this module by putting some restrictions on it.



Server Action



The Server Action module allows the admin to START, STOP and RESTART the server by mentioning the commands to start, stop and restart the server. Admin can manage multiple servers and can add details such as username, client name, server URL, and password.



This becomes helpful when client faces difficulty during the need for updating various server actions. Admin can simply click on those server action buttons and can easily run the code mentioned in the commands. As a result, clients can get their server problems fixed without any hassles.



Editable Tree View in Group By



With this module, user can edit the attributes available in the tree view (quotation number, order date, customer name, salesperson, and total amount) even when “Group By” is applied.



Avail the benefits of Aktiv’s various app modules on Odoo App Store. Let our Odoo Apps help you make a move for the better business game. If you have any requirement for your business then approach us, our Odoo experts will understand your business logic and drive you towards the growth through customized Odoo modules.