Top 5 Odoo features to choose for the eCommerce!

May 14th, 2018

Odoo is collaborating the eCommerce essentials on a single platform. Odoo eCommerce is managing the inventory, accounting, and sales. And that is not it but leveraging its features to get more out of it. As we know, eCommerce is all about presenting the latest branding strategies using the intelligent eCommerce platforms and plugins. Odoo is one of the open source comprehensive suites for the eCommerce web applications. Coming to the feature set of this eCommerce platform, we are come up with some concrete features that stand out.



Here are the top 5 appealing features of Odoo eCommerce!



Designing eCommerce with Odoo – the simplest



Odoo is comprising of several benefits that hit great impression of the developers as well as eCommerce merchants and Odoo Partners. Any design of the eCommerce website does matters. Because it is what the customers will find and get interested in at the first site.



Using the Odoo platform we can create the product pages in which the “edit inline” features can be the most useful feature. Here the inline editing can be performed without any custom coding requirement, unlike the other competitive eCommerce frameworks. Also, the building block system of creating the product pages help in shaping the site structure as in Drag and Drop system.



This will make the customized building blocks and leverage the scope for more specific product descriptions. This will enhance the website presence good as per the marketing perspectives also. Because users would like to see the proper product descriptions and a neat look. Users are likely to engage with the eCommerce platforms having the simpler design and digestive language with a great user interface.



Also, it has great pricing list and product variant creation provision. Odoo allows editing in terms of the Word view. Which will be given the experience of the word processor.



Customer Shopping Experience to the great extent



Odoo eCommerce



Odoo allows and welcomes the customer’s perspective at every point of online shopping. As we know, visiting the eCommerce site will require multiple points. Such as easiest search for the customers. eCommerce websites should be having an easy search for the products and customers should not be conflicting between the multiple choice and multiple brands.



Odoo eCommerce has simplified every perspective for the customers, prospects/buyers. Odoo allows many inbuilt features for the customers to view their orders, get their checkouts easy, embedding the live chat, allowing the multiple site visit such as registered user and guest visit. There are so many integrations that Odoo allows and keep it simple.



Providing Integrations



Odoo provides integrations that make more out of the eCommerce industry. Integrations are making a big deal because it can be anything that you want to integrate with your current website.



Odoo allows multiple integrations such as



Marketplaces to place the products on eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay


Applications – integrating apps means doo websites, Odoo management tools, Odoo Accounting, Odoo inventory, Odoo CRM and more. This will enhance the productivity of your eCommerce website. Also, this will not increase the development hours of the eCommerce site but creating value for the development tools.


Shipping integration means availing better options than creating complexities between the merchants and sellers. This will enable the better shipping connectors and speed up the process and hence, ultimately grab the customers favorite vote!






Odoo eCommerce



This is the important factor for any marketing method. Without making a good analytics, you can not see the next action performed by you or the eCommerce team. Here Odoo is allowing us to see the analytics on customers basis as well as products. We can see the best product demand and which products are satisfying the customer’s needs. Also, can come to know about the customer’s interest and based on that the conversion rates.



Payment & Shipping



Shipping and Payment methods include the things like how you want to make it filtered for the customers visiting the store? Whether it is about direct bank transfer or using the third-party payment integrations. Well, Odoo allows multiple payment integrations such as PayPal, Worldline, Ogone and many international applications. 


Also, it allows creating filtering in creating the rules for payment. Such as calculating costs and on what basis the costs should be calculated weight based or quality there are many aspects in which the Odoo eCommerce stands as a better option in the competitive eCommerce platforms.