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Simplify your ERP requirements with Odoo’s Enterprise and Community solutions.

Highly integrated and flexible architecture of Odoo has helped businesses indulged into Sales, Automation, Production and Service sectors. It’s expansion and growth acceleration has formed a complete suite of tools to accompany any business need.

They maintain a constant communication with our team and are extremely spontaneous in managing queries.

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Our Odoo Services

Odoo Project Analysis and Consultancy
We evaluate business process and design strategies to develop a complete solution.
Module Development and Customization
Be it adding/editing business logic or updating country's accounting rules we manage it all.
Version Upgrade & Database Migration
Using various troubleshooting techniques, we help you upgrade/migrate your system without any breakdown.
Third-Party Integrations
Our portfolio marks successful integrations with various 3rd party sources like CRM, eCommerce, SMS and payment gateway, etc.
Assistance in Implementation
Our experts can help you implement & setup Odoo versions on any cloud servers at local side of workplace.
Support and Training
Consider us as your Go-To experts whenever stuck within difficult setup issues or post installation issues in Odoo.

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If you need support on any other solutions than Odoo and Magento, please get in touch with us.

POS Sub-Product

Allows user to manage a complete food chain business.


Why Aktiv Software?

Our Benefits as a Odoo Development Agency

Professional Approach
Transparency, Timely Deliveries, Regular Updates through smooth communication are three professional essentials we take care of as your partner. 


Communication & Culture
We have managed to create a culture wherein you can come up and ask queries/raise doubts instead of keeping them in mind and remain suspicious about it.


End-to-End Services
Be it Consultation, Integration, Version Upgrade, Module Development/Customization, we ensure to fulfill our partner’s requirements regardless of business model/size.


Coding Standards
Serving you as a partner we will not let you settle down with a code format which can break the consistency in your business workflow.



Avail a professional, transparent and innovative approach while working with us.

Our Latest Resources

Restaurant Customizations
Aktiv Software’s POS restaurant customization module will help the restaurant industries to enhance their services. Here are some of the customized features of this module. You can now manage the orders by chairs available on tables. Your kitchen screen and order screen can be managed on your website itself. Included the feature of product category discount. Now you can easily differentiate between No. of chairs occupied and placed order’s status on the table through specific colors we have set under color coding feature. User can now view the orders in process in the form of drafts in backend. Added a security feature whenever user avails discount on whole order/specific category. Added the Reprint KOT feature. Added Takeaway and delivery facility for the orders. Now you can provide different access to delivery boy, cashier and waiter. Added a screen to manage payments of all pending delivery orders. Bill Splitting feature for chair wise orders. Also managed the payments from backend for the final bill.
POS Guest Selection
The POS Guest Module customized by Aktiv Software limits the addition of guests for specific table. The default Point of Sale module of Odoo doesn’t provide any limitation for table capacity and hence user can add as many as guests for particular table. Due to this one table can be crowded with many guests if the POS user is not aware about the availability of seats per table. Aktiv found a solution to this and customized this module by putting some restrictions on it. Here are some of its primary features: If the limit of tables is set to a specific number and after that user tries to add guests more than the predefined limit then a warning message will be highlighted on the screen which will restrict user from adding more guests. Again, if user tries to place another order for the same table but the first order is already allocated with specified guests then a warning message will pop up on the screen and user will not be able to place another order from the same table. In either of the situations user can’t add guests more than the table capacity.
Signup with Mobile Number
The “Sign Up with Mobile Number” module allows user to sign up with their mobile number other than email id. Default Odoo module provided the facility of sign up through email id to any new user. Moreover he/she can login using email id only. But if user wants to sign up/login with mobile number then with Odoo’s default module they will not get access to this feature. As a solution to this we customized Odoo’s default module and added an optional mobile number field for users wanting to sign up with their mobile number.
Dynamic PDF reports
The primary purpose of this app module is to allow the user to provide a dynamic name to their PDF report for the selected model. Be it for pay slip, sales order, purchase order or any other model category you can always provide a dynamic name to those models’ report through “Dynamic PDF Report” module customized by Aktiv Software