Progressive Web Application- Unfolding The Evolution In Web Development

October 17th, 2018

What if I tell you that web development has merged with the native mobile application? Sounds good! But how?  


Progressive Web Application has made it possible. It has probably become the best of both world- web and application. A new way has been created to provide an amazing user experience on the web through PWA. In simple words they look and feel like native mobile applications but, at the same time are accessible on the website without any hassles of downloading it from App/Google Play Store.


So why choose app over website when you have PWA!


Moreover, using applications on the web which doesn’t need any permission or rules placed by the Play Store or App Store is a bonanza for users. 


How is Progressive Web Application different from traditional Web Application and native Mobile Application?  


PWAs describe a collection of different technologies and added features, where the Web APIs and themes are designed to provide app-like experience on the web through:  


Service Workers: Allows background process.   


App Shell: A design approach that is enhanced so content can load as quickly as possible. 


App Manifest: Helps with the installation of web apps on home screen on a single click.   


Now, let’s discuss its features in detail.  


Progressive: It can be availed on any browser as it is built with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.


Connectivity: Independent: Works smoothly even during flaky internet connectivity or offline mode. 


Responsive: PWA is one size fit for all devices like mobile phones, tablet, desktop or whatever is next. 


Installable: User can add apps to their home screen without facing any hassles of signing in to app/play store.  


App-like: Feels like accessing a native mobile application.    


Fast: Progressive Web Applications are built to avoid annoying performance issues and increase user engagement.  


Opportunity for the growth of Progressive Web Application is limitless because when it comes to web apps there is no single store!  


You can rely on us for developing PWAs for your taking your business beyond elite and helping your customers gain efficiency while browsing through your products.