Odoo Experience 2018 Event Summary.

October 9th, 2018

Are you one of them who was not able to attend the most resourceful ERP event of the year, Odoo Experience? Don’t worry, we have got some useful highlights to tell you from the three days event. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to get a quick recap of the event.



You can avail the summary of each day (3,4,5 Oct) and acknowledge the innovations accomplished by Odoo.



Day 1:



Odoo users were waiting with bated breath for the day 1 keynote presentation. You might be knowing the reason behind this eagerness of users! Odoo’s Founder and CEO, Fabien Pinckaers was going to reveal the features to be accommodated in latest Odoo 12 version.



I must say, eagerness was worth less than the innovations accomplished in the latest Odoo version. Even our team of Odoo developers were watching the live streaming remotely to acknowledge the features of Odoo 12 despite their busy schedule. Here are the main features that were revealed on the first day of Odoo Experience:



1. New Dashboards for a better understanding of the data.

2. Better Barcodes, Faster processes.

3. Managing all your files thanks to the new application: Odoo Documents.

4. Easily showcase all your products thanks to the new Product Configurator.


Launch of Odoo 12 at Odoo Experience 2018


5. Multi-website to boost your revenues.

6. Accounting made simple as ABC.

7. Customizable Reports.

8. Improving Performance and Robustness.

For a detailed information about the robust Odoo12 version follow this link.



Day 2:



We all have been the eye-witness of the evolution Odoo has undergone since its foundation. How can they miss the same this time too! The second-day keynote presentation was all about the new resolutions to be accomplished in Odoo for 2019.



The Keynote for Odoo 2019 vision and strategy was presented by Odoo’s Founder and CEO, Fabien Pinckaers.


It’s all about Vision & Strategy for Enhancing Partnership!


The grading criteria of partners will become more strict to ensure quality and attract new ones to become partners in a more accessible way. Other than the vision and strategy presentation, there were many other presentations running parallelly such as Odoo Recruitment talks, Advancements made in document and report areas, studio details and much more which helped us to take back some useful notes for our Aktiv developers.


Odoo 12 released at Odoo Experience


And of course, the most awaited moment for all Odoo users came to an end with the release of Odoo 12. Various procedures to be accomplished by partners and users was also mentioned in order to install/upgrade to Odoo 12 was also mentioned.



Day 3: 



A roadmap to next version, Odoo13 was introduced by Laura Piraux & Frédéric Gilson, Product Owners – Odoo on the third and last day of Odoo Experience.



Seems like “Focus on what matters to and your Client” is going to be the primary aim of the upcoming version. The recruitment process, Accounting Services, Stock Management will be made easy along with Industry focus aim to help you tailor your business effectively.



Odoo 13 road map revealed at Odoo Experience



The IoT box and cloud talk, Tips and Tricks for keyboard navigation, and Ask me anything session with Fabien were some of the added delights our team members attended on day 3.



Apart from the day events, rocking after-parties along with delicious dinner and drinks have always been “cherry on the cake” at the Odoo Experience event.



Here are some of the Aktiv Moments from Odoo Experience 2018 clicked by our team members.


Aktiv Software's team at Odoo Experience


See you soon with some useful Odoo 12 insights!