Make a Way for the Latest Magento Version- Magento 2.3!

September 18th, 2018

Unlike the predecessors, it has been one year since Magento has released- Magento 2.2. But now it’s time to pave the way for the latest version Magento 2.3. As per the announcement made in recent Magento Imagine conference, the release of Magento 2.3 was claimed to release in Q3 schedule of 2018.  



Like every other Magento release and its features, the Magento 2.3 is all set to run the show potentially.



There are some exciting opportunities waiting for the Magento users on their way to Magento’s latest version. This was a small attempt to hype up your excitement.



Coming to the features expected to be covered in Magento 2.3, here is a brief overview.



PWA (Progressive Web App)



What if I tell you that web development has merged with the native mobile application? 



Sounds good! But how? 



Progressive Web Application has made it possible. It has probably become the best of both world- web and application. A new way has been created to provide an amazing user experience on the web through PWA. Connectivity independence, responsive, installable, app-like UI, and enhanced performance are the major features covered under PWA.



Understanding the multiple benefits of PWA, Magento has made attempt to build a PWA studio which can allow Magento users to develop and deploy PWA for Magento’s front end. More specifically, the front-end performance will be increased considerably with PWA’s association.



Declarative Database



Now the database tables will be fully defined via XML rather than current Magento versions displaying database schema through many install/upgrade scripts. By implementing a declarative database schema Magento 2.3 will eradicate the fragmentation of database definitions through scripts.






The query language for APIs would be introduced in Magento 2.3 allowing the requestor to request limited attributes to be reverted. By setting limit to attributes request smaller amount of data and to make fewer API request will be enabled.



To support the GraphQL Magento is creating an entirely new layer that integrates directly with Query API.



Multi-Source Inventory



A perk-up effort by Magento to introduce a Multi-Source Inventory wherein the merchants can manage inventory via multiple sources. Also, the inventory management will include shipping, tracking items from multiple warehouses within retail stores.



Another bonanza which Magento 2.3 has planned to introduce the multi-source inventory will be reserved within a new table structure. Unlike direct decrementing the stock this table structure of inventory will enhance the performance and protect the database from unnecessary locking.



Asynchronous API



 As we know the previous Magento versions had to execute various API calls before making the calls. At times when there are bulk product integrations or customer imports with such APIs, it became a lengthy process.



With Asynchronous API system can execute API calls against Magento REST API without waiting for requests to fully process. A separate status reporting such APIs will be available to check the status of particular request through id.



Page Builder



Magento had purchased the Blue Foot CMS technology and rewrote it using much of its features and concepts. The features include user-friendly UX, drag-drop layout management which is easily accessible to any non-techie user. Enhancing the native CMS with Page Builder in Magento 2.3 will be available inside the Magento marketplace for Open source implementations.



Two-factor Authentication



To protect the web system from malicious users Magento is going to set forth a two-factor authentication security layer. This extra layer will validate user by sending a security code to their registered phone number/mail id. Looking forward to the standard web application practice Magento is also going to commence the 2FA security feature.






The powerhouse for Magento’s site search capabilities will be enabled through ElasticSearch support for Magento Open Source. The faceted search capabilities also include filtering by various attributes.  



PHP 7.2 Support



Magento 2.3 will be compatible with PHP 7.2, the newest version of PHP. As a result, now the Magento platform will stay updated with latest technologies and language features.



Google reCAPTCHA



Validating users are not robots, when interacting with site Magento 2.3 will activate the Google’s reCAPTCHA tool. 



After acknowledging the amazing features of Magneto 2.3 I am sure it would be much harder for all Magento users to wait for its release. If you have queries regarding the Magento 2.3 version, reach us at Our Aktiv Magento developers will help you navigate to the latest version.