Giving Center Stage to the Latest Variant, SharePoint 2019!

September 24th, 2018

The talk of the town, Microsoft SharePoint 2019 has recently revealed the features to be accomplished in its latest version. A sneak peek of some features was mentioned by SharePoint which unlocks new, modern experiences for users that are intuitive as well as familiar.



A platform of choice and flexibility is how experts have redefined the SharePoint 2019 release. One size fits all has gone correctly for the latest version as it is expected to work seamlessly across all screens. The main gist of SharePoint 2019 is that it will be a package providing instant access to users so they can easily work on content, apps, functions, etc. enhancing the work productivity.



Sunsetting the older version to SharePoint 2019!



Microsoft has made an effort to provide a significant alignment with process automation with its PowerApps and Flow to link on-premises data. Using cloud as their baseline Microsoft offers a reliable support to access documents of users anytime anywhere accurately with SharePoint 2019.  SharePoint’s latest version reflects the modern experience and compelling flexibility by following a partial addition of features and some removed functionalities.



Home Page:


A recognized homepage of SharePoint 2019 will offer a room for better site experience. Users will find news from the sites they are following or from some suggested sites. Moreover, if provided the rights by admin user can also create sites from the home page itself.



User-Friendly Pages and Web Parts:


Till now Microsoft has constantly made efforts for providing better user-experience, the same effort is reflected in the latest version of SharePoint. With the user-friendly pages and web parts, users can now create/edit any content without any hassles.


The all-new Hero webpart is capable of displaying five items to the content such as- images, text, and links to attract users.



Lists and Libraries:


The SharePoint 2019 brings an enhanced and up to date preview experiences in team sites. The default lists and libraries are optimized to allow users copy and move files using command bar and pinned documents. Additionally, the files can be added as links and could be filtered easily by appropriate formatting to columns.



Team and New Pages:


SharePoint 2019 has been transformed into an enhanced communication site wherein user can find news, share them, display a story or broadcast the news/messages to other members. User can add documents, images, and Yammer feeds to the new page. Along with that users will be allowed to use Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents with video content.



Progressive Search Experience:


In the modern search experience of SharePoint, users will be displayed with search clues when they start typing and updates the results as they type. Also, the search results are now filtered by types in order to get compelling search results.


Referring to my previously stated comment, SharePoint 2019 have had added many features, and also removed many other functionalities. The features on their way out from SharePoint are- Aggregate Newsfeed, SharePoint Designer 2013, Custom Help, Multi-Tenancy and Visio Services. 


As per the announcement made by Microsoft, SharePoint 2019 will be released soon. For the latest updates and information regarding SharePoint, you can tune to our social media handles- Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.



Correspondingly, if you are planning to switch to SharePoint 2019, you can consult our experts for further consultation and support. Our Aktiv team having experienced hands-on SharePoint will help you prepare lay of the land for successful upgrade.