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Interface designed to simplify the dinning conduct.

To simplify various workflows at restaurant we have created a module which looks after the table allotment, employee supervision and order management processes.

About CMS Extended Rights
The Business flow required managing complete business solution along with Website management which shall be accessible by the internal team as well as Resellers. They needed frequent changes on the Website by the resellers & Internal users along with SEO management more specific for the URL redirection.
About Warehouse Management
The client is a halal supply based food processing company mainly focusing on processing and packing halal meat having different types of products with different attributes like merk (brand), Vleessoort (type of meat), Smaak (taste) and many others. So, they wanted a classified search based on these product attributes with which product searching and removing (after expiration) could be easier. A truck delivers products from the butcher to the warehouse of Halal Supply which requires a transfer of product from one stock location to the other.
POS Sub-Product
They wanted a functionality which would allow the system user to define multiple food options available for the particular product which is made visible to the representative so that they can take the order for a respective beverage with the multiple food options available to be selected from it.