Building a modern intranet in O365 for customers? Here’s how, Aktiv Software will back you.

November 28th, 2018

Workplaces are transforming a way better with powerful tools of modern SharePoint/O365. Also, intranet being a platform of foundation on which you build and deliver the modern digital space plays a vital role in helping your customers’ organization culture and community to achieve their potentials. To your advantage, Microsoft has launched a set of new features to fill the loop holes that were hindering the vision of modern intranet in O365.



Let me list down the modern intranet features for your reference:


1. New megamenu layout for site and hub site navigation.

2. New Web Parts added in Microsoft Teams

3. Audience Targeting for News and Highlighted Content Web Parts

4. Header Layouts and Footer Enhancements

5. Central Asset Library

6. Communication site experience

7. Hub Site Improvements for End Users and Administrators

8. New Page Capabilities

9. SharePoint 2019 support


If you want to get detailed information about newly added features follow this link. You can get a scenario of additional information you need to know if looking forward to updating your customer’s intranet to modern O365 and SharePoint online.



We know due to the cutting-edge release of new features; your customers might be eager to get transformed to modern intranet in O365. Our team of certified developers and consultants will help you to overcome this tampering situation by working as your backend team to extend your productivity.



Getting Started with Modern Intranet in O365.



At this point you might be excited as well as bothered; excited because you will delight your customers with the modern Intranet experience and bothered of how to get started. Put your mind at ease and let us handle your act. We will ensure that you receive a pat on your back from your customers after the successful implementation of modern intranet in O365.



We being your partner, follow a specific process to ensure a satisfactory experience for you and your customers. We breakup the project into various phases which are typically known as: Discovery, Implementation and Future Updates.






We identify your customers’ priorities and prepare a roadmap of strategy that covers the key phases of critical intranet system such as- auditing existing content, migration, default permission models, and a phenomenal design. After deciding the flow of discovery phase, we dedicate particular role to each team member which we also refer to as assembling team. With various team members pursuing their roles managing the project scope, risks and time becomes easier.



Various activities such as analyzing the plan, technical approach to evaluate SharePoint capabilities, and customizing plans as per the requirements of our partner are performed under the discovery phase.






We prefer to divide our project in various timeline to ensure a smooth implementation. Each of the deliverables are treated as features that are ready to be released with quality assurance. Besides, we follow an open-culture method wherein you can raise/ask doubts without any hesitation. We believe feedback can increase our scope of improvisation.



Apart from the deliverables, we also commit our best in providing training to ensure that your customers don’t get trapped technically when they lay hands on the modern Intranet system. We have adopted the “train-the-trainer” culture looking forward to reducing the burden of training from one/two people at your customers’ side.



Future Updates:



Launching intranet is the initial phase of this journey which is incomplete without any future strategies. We put continuous efforts to improve the system with better opportunities catered by Microsoft O365. We want you to keep your customers on the top when it comes to adapting new releases of Microsoft and make business compatible to the dynamic SharePoint world.



To top it we will ensure a responsible development while customizing your modern intranet in O365. Learn more about the modern Intranet and the favors we procide with it from our experts at-