All About Magento Business Intelligence to know!

May 2nd, 2018

eCommerce merchants used to be in a search of modern technologies and more than selling products but the accurate analytics. To filter out the core results and reaching to some understanding of customer mindsets, it is needed to have a clear result. And not the single but series of it. Well, business intelligence is making bond Magento with an intensity to reach next level. Magento is the largest eCommerce community. In terms of development and support, any competitor framework is not beating Magento.


Now making a breakthrough here is to stress down the Magento merchants. They are frustrated with the ocean of data, calculating the audience interest, comparatively great product offering and so on. To make them completely free with the Magento web development, we need to increase their exposure to business intelligence providing more than the expected results with Magento.


Let’s have some glimpse of what is Magento Business Intelligence?


A platform that helps businesses extract value from data and leading business to the next level. As gathering, plenty of data won’t work for the core business analytics. To avoid creating chaos, business intelligence filters the data that makes value to the results and upbringing the outcomes.


This is the most intelligent tool for the merchants looking for the kind of data. With the help of Magento BI, it is easy to relate and conclude data from Magento extensions, third-party tools, and Magento database. This will empower the business presence of eCommerce merchants and enhance their knowledge about predicting their target audience. Also, this will not require being in touch with the data scientists or SQL experts.


Core Essentials of Magento BI includes:


5 pre-built dashboards comprising 75 reports


Email summaries


SQL report builder and visual report builder


Able to create and edit reports


10 user accounts with advanced user permissions


Export raw underlying data to CSV and Excel


Data from Magento and Google Analytics


Simply put, Magento Business Intelligence is simplifying the process of gauging the business before it gets launched. The platform offers pre-built dashboards with an accurate series of reports showing the complete flow of how target market is changing the needs or how their interest gets vary with the different products. And of course with certain time duration. Here the business intelligence is adding worth to running a business by summarising everything with a single tool. Providing easy interactions with the Google Analytics and extracting Magento data.


How is Business Intelligence the game changer in eCommerce?



It goes without saying that these days increasing number of eCommerce stores is not a big deal and it will continue to increase. Because everything is going online and everything is going mobile, too. Well, in such a scenario, it is obvious to have a business that stands out. For increasing the store owners exposure to their business estimations, predictions and accurate results, BI works as the best tool.


As compared to the eCommerce businesses not having such exposure, will not able to cope with the competitors having a flair of predictive nature. This will create competition of a different level and so the winning stores will be the associated ones with the Magento Business Intelligence.


Magento Business Intelligence will not generate results but be getting in-depth with the customers’ interest, choice, and queries. Hence, it will gain customer satisfaction to a great extent. Customers are, in general, a search for a service provider or product seller having a personalized experience with each of the customers.


Also, the buyers would not like those stores/sellers providing outdated products, limited varieties and especially not the ones with less knowledge of customers choice. Knowing choice of buyers before they reveal is an incredible deal. And that’s what we are performing with the Magento Business Intelligence.


Everyone is doing business, but making it intelligent with the smart tools is getting applause in the impossible audiences.