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Restaurant Customizations

Aktiv Software’s POS restaurant customization module will help the restaurant industries to enhance their services. Here are some of the customized features of this module. You can now manage the orders by chairs available on tables. Your kitchen screen and order screen can be managed on your website itself. Included the feature of product category discount. Now you can easily differentiate between No. of chairs occupied and placed order’s status on the table through specific colors we have set under color coding feature. User can now view the orders in process in the form of drafts in backend. Added a security feature whenever user avails discount on whole order/specific category. Added the Reprint KOT feature. Added Takeaway and delivery facility for the orders. Now you can provide different access to delivery boy, cashier and waiter. Added a screen to manage payments of all pending delivery orders. Bill Splitting feature for chair wise orders. Also managed the payments from backend for the final bill.

POS Guest Selection

The POS Guest Module customized by Aktiv Software limits the addition of guests for specific table. The default Point of Sale module of Odoo doesn’t provide any limitation for table capacity and hence user can add as many as guests for particular table. Due to this one table can be crowded with many guests if the POS user is not aware about the availability of seats per table. Aktiv found a solution to this and customized this module by putting some restrictions on it. Here are some of its primary features: If the limit of tables is set to a specific number and after that user tries to add guests more than the predefined limit then a warning message will be highlighted on the screen which will restrict user from adding more guests. Again, if user tries to place another order for the same table but the first order is already allocated with specified guests then a warning message will pop up on the screen and user will not be able to place another order from the same table. In either of the situations user can’t add guests more than the table capacity.

Signup with Mobile Number

The “Sign Up with Mobile Number” module allows user to sign up with their mobile number other than email id. Default Odoo module provided the facility of sign up through email id to any new user. Moreover he/she can login using email id only. But if user wants to sign up/login with mobile number then with Odoo’s default module they will not get access to this feature. As a solution to this we customized Odoo’s default module and added an optional mobile number field for users wanting to sign up with their mobile number.

Dynamic PDF reports

The primary purpose of this app module is to allow the user to provide a dynamic name to their PDF report for the selected model. Be it for pay slip, sales order, purchase order or any other model category you can always provide a dynamic name to those models’ report through “Dynamic PDF Report” module customized by Aktiv Software

Reports with Watermark

Aktiv Software has prepared the “Reports with Watermark” module with the aim of adding Watermark to all printed reports of Odoo. Moreover, this module comes with various customizations when user enables the option of adding watermark in Odoo.

Website Image 360

The Website Image 360 view module enables user to get a 360-dimension view of a product on website. After having this module user can simply add images to the option provided for display 360 images. Post the images are added buyer when clicks on 360 view icon on website the product will be displayed in 360 dimensions.

Merge Sale Order

The primary purpose of this module is to merge sale orders be it two or more than two which are in the Quotation/Draft state. User can now forget the hassles of creating new quotation on their every sale order. If the same customer is ordering from the partner’s store then only they will be able to avail the feature of merging multiple orders. If user is trying to merge sale order purchased for different customers then a pop up with a warning message will be displayed and this functionality will be disabled at that time.

Merge Purchase Order

The Merge Purchase Order module allows you to merge the purchase orders in Quotation State. It helps to reduce the RFQ for same vendors and thus orders can be easily managed. You will also get further customization when you select orders and go for the “Merge Order” stage. Here are some of the customization Aktiv has provided with the Merging of Purchase Orders.

Quotation Revision

The Quotation Revision module allows user to edit the price/no. of products in the quotation which is already prepared. The base module of Odoo provided the facility of creating quotation but if there are some changes to be made in the quotation user had to create another quotation for the same product and client to edit the price or no. of products. Aktiv Software brought a solution to this and provided the facility to edit the quotation. Below-given are the list of functionalities we provide with this module:

User Activity Log

Admin has the rights to track user activity for every individual user. While every individual can’t track other user’s activity. The activity can be creating and editing any record. What changes were made and who made them can be easily known with this module. Again, the users other than admin can’t deleted records stored in user activity log.

Smart Page Scroller

The Smart Page Scroller module allows you to scroll to the top when reached at the bottom or middle of webpage. The scroller will be seen when you have reached in the middle or at the bottom of the webpage. It won’t be displayed when you already are at the top of the webpage.

Search Product Wizard

Product Attributes and Values is maintained with which the matching product will be displayed. Products with its relevant attributes and values will be fetched. A button with the Product count will also appear which will fetch all the relevant products. A report can also be printed based on the search results of the products.

Quick Module Upgrade

The “Quick Module Upgrade” allows you to upgrade your installed application directly from the Kanban view without navigating inside the module application. We have customized the Kanban view and provided two additional buttons- “Upgrade” and “Uninstall” besides Odoo’s default “Install” button. It probably will reduce the hassles of visiting each and every module during the upgrade/uninstall process.

Employee Skills and Qualification

The Employee Skills and Qualifications module will help the user to add employees’ important skills and qualification during recruitment and while creating new employee. The space for these attributes were not provided in default Odoo module so Aktiv came up with this module

HTML Tree Widget

With this module we have enhanced the tree view for all of the field type=text and widget=HTML. However, in the default Odoo module, HTML tags are working in the form view. But if user tried to make any kind of HTML changes for the type text in tree view then the changes were not applied instead they were shown as HTML tags written in simple text. We have managed to provide a better user experience by enabling the properties of HTML tags on the tree view.

Editable Tree View in Group By

With this module user can edit the attributes available in the tree view (quotation number, order date, customer name, salesperson, and total amount) even when “Group By” is applied.

Project Timesheet Entry

Using this module, registered project user can fill up timesheet in project tasks and issues from both list and form view on click of a button. User can also view the stage of work (To do, In Progress, Cancelled, Done).

Server Action

The Server Action module allows the admin to START, STOP and RESTART the server by mentioning the commands to start, stop and restart the server. Admin can manage multiple servers and can add details such as username, client name, server URL, and password. This becomes helpful when client faces difficulty during the need for updating various server actions. Admin can simply click on those server action buttons and can easily run the code mentioned in the commands. As a result, clients can get their server problems fixed without any hassles

Drop Shipping Vendor Selection

In the default Odoo module user could not choose vendor of his/her choice. The Odoo’s flow chose the vendor mentioned first in the list and hence user had to pay the price which is mentioned by the first vendor even if it was higher than the price set by other vendors in the list. The Vendor Selection modules allows you to select the vendor of your choice for drop shipping. User having rights to manage the sale order can add vendors for particular product. After configuring Order specific routes, multi-step routes and dropshipping when user creates the order he/she can select from the list of vendors for the selected product. The final quotation will display the original price of the product as set by the selected vendor.

Partial Fund

The Partial Refund module will provide an option of generating a refund invoice directly without going to the draft state for editing the invoice. The default Odoo module when clicked on the refund button generated a bill similar to original bill in a draft state. If user wants to change the amount for quantity of products to be refunded then they need to go to the draft state and edit that. While we have provided the facility to edit the refund invoice directly when initiated for the refund.

Product Rating

Odoo allows the users to provide ratings and reviews to every product. Moreover, other users can also see the reviews and ratings provided by particular user for the product. Now, the challenge was that administrator could not view what all comments and how many ratings were received by any product from backend. As a solution to this, Aktiv Software prepared this module which helps the admin to review the product rating average and comments posted by different users from backend. Hence, the admin/sales manager can easily identify the product reviews and ratings and check whether any improvements are required for that particular product.

Display Database Datetime

The purpose of this module is to display databases along with datetime on which they are created.

Quick Validate Receipt

Odoo provides the facility to provide a “Done” status for the orders displayed in the inventory which are dispatched from the warehouse. Aktiv Software with this module provides facility to validate the receipt and change its status to “Done”. Additionally, the user can also edit the source location when Validate Receipt Wizard is generated.

Sale Order Duration Filter

The Sale Order Duration Filter module allows the user to apply filter to the existing orders. User can choose from five different filter options- Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month and Last Year. As per the selection the order records will be displayed to the user can easily navigate through the order histories.

Multiple Employee Contract

Odoo’s default functionality allowed only single employee contract to be created at a time. But we have made an effort to reduce the hassles of creating contract for every employee separately. With this module, user can select multiple employees and create contract for them by specifying their salary and contract type. Moreover, if same contract exists for employee, the module will restrict from creating/duplicating same contacts. If any employee’s contract is expired and user tries to create similar contract then module will allow to create the contract.

Website Comment

The website comment will allow user to view the sale order comments in the back end mentioned in front end. It is will be displayed in Sales information as well as quotation report. The comments can be added by any user or developer.

Multiple Payslip

The Multiple Payslip module helps user to create payslip for multiple employees. Whereas the default functionality only offered facility of creating payslip for each employee separately. Also, the default Odoo payslip feature allowed payslip generation of one month. While with this module user can create payslip for multiple employees as well as can avail the facility of creating payslip of more than one month for each user.

User Location

The User Location module allows the admin to track the time and location when a user logged in to the system. Under the Administrator tab you can find a new “Login History” field which will contain the time and location of recent logins.

Website Product Stock

The default Odoo functionality didn’t provided the facility of viewing the available quantity of particular product. The Website Product Stock module allows user/admin to view the quantity of products available.

Search Delivery Ref Number in SO

The default Odoo functionality provided a unique reference number for each delivery created. We developed this module to add an extra spark to this functionality of Odoo, i.e. with the help of delivery number you can now search that delivery and get its information easily.

Product Image on Reports

In the default, Odoo functionality product image wasn’t displayed on sales/invoice/purchase reports. This module is helpful in displaying the product image on sales order report, invoice report, and purchase report.

Sale Order Line by Internal Reference

With this module user can automatically get the description of particular product by just providing internal reference of the product at the time of sale order line creation.

Customer Search Filtration

The “Customer Search Filter” module prepared by Aktiv Software allows user to find customer from their phone number, mobile number, city, email and job position.

Stock Per Each Location

With this module, you can maintain the record of product stocks and its forecasting. Besides you can also manage the amount of incoming and outgoing products.

Sale Discount Limit

The Sale Discount Limit module prepared by Aktiv Software will help you put a restriction on the sale discount which can only be posted by authoritative person such as Sales Manager and Sales/User. By default, the module has allowed a limit of providing a maximum of 15% discount for Sales Manager. Sales user can, on the other hand, can provide a maximum of 10% discount.

Sale Invoice Amount Variation Report

This module allows a user to make changes within the sales amount while creating the invoice for a particular product. Also, the user can view the changed sales amount and the difference between the original and changed amount in the invoice report.

Sale Price Change Restriction

In case user wants to restrict the sale price update to some of the user, this module could help them. After installing this module, user need to configure the rights to be provided to other users for changing the unit price of product.

Status Bar Clock

The module will display the date and time directly from any module. The user can edit the default date and time as per their location and their format.

Restrict Manage Attachments

The Restrict Manage Attachment module will restrict a user to add or delete any further attachments as per the access. The default Odoo functionality provided rights to every user to add/delete attachments.

Customer Sale History

The Customer Sale History module will allow the view the customer’s order history which they have placed till date. You can view the items purchased with their costs, customer information, and date of purchase. Moreover, you can track information of customer orders such as- which products customers are buying the most, the percentage of repeat orders and buyers, and on which product you can attract more customers by providing them with special discounts and exclusive sales. You can also track if any product is constantly outperforming when compared to other products or are any products never sold or which products are commonly purchased by users. This module is one stop solution for all of the above-mentioned queries/menace.

Reset Delivery Order

With this module you can reset your order to its default state and only inventory manager have the specific rights to use this module’s functionality. Additionally, this module will work on the sales order which are created after installing this module and will be disabled for the delivery orders if their flow follows Pick, Pack and Ship method.

Sandwich Rule

This module allows HR to apply Sandwich rule when employees apply for leave and is coming under the rule where employee has taken leave in midst of two working days. After considering the start and end date of leave once the Boolean is checked of "Apply Sandwich Rule" the employees leave will be counted accordingly and if the Boolean is unchecked the sandwich rule will not be applied.

Vendor Purchase History

This Module will help you view Products you have purchased from your vendors in the past. It includes specific items you purchased and their cost. You can get insights about particular product- if it needs to be restocked, frequency of buying particular product, number of repeated vendors for a product, what are the items which we haven’t purchased yet and much more.

Payment Reminders

With the Payment Reminders module, user can set intervals to send reminder mails for pending invoice bills. There are two main intervals when user can set the mail reminders i.e.- before the due date and after the due date.

Product Low Stock Notification

With this module, System can send an automatic notification mail to all stock managers when there are some products which are less than the predefined quantity. For example, if admin wants to refill the product stock when a product’s quantity is less than 10, then a list of products having quantity less than ten will be generated and a reminder mail will be sent automatically to stock managers. In the backend, you can also avail the feature of setting a specific frequency of days to send mail notifications to stock managers along with time.

Picking Delivery Report

This module mainly assigns a delivery task to any deliverer and if not available at particular time provides an option to replace another deliverer for delivery. Also generates a delivery report with QR Code which includes- Administrator name who assigned the delivery task. Customer Name. Deliverer Name. Sale Order source. Delivery Date. Delivery Address. Receiver Name if customer not available at the time of receiving. Id proof of receiver and received date. List of products delivered. The QR code will redirect you to the Odoo dashboard.